Pintuck Foot, 5, 7 & 9-groove

You can easily use the classic Pintuck Foot on cotton, light-weight wool or other fine fabrics. Create pintucks to add a nostalgic touch to linens, cushions, blouses or children‘s clothing.

1. Snap on the Pintuck Foot.
2. Insert a twin needle
    - 5-groove: 2.0 twin needle
    - 7-groove: 1.6 – 2.0 twin needle
    - 9-groove: 1.6 twin needle.
3. Thread the twin needle (see manual for threading tips).
4. Using a water-soluble marker, draw a placement line for your first pintuck.
5. Sew your first pintuck. When you start on the second pintuck, allow the first pintuck to run parallel in a groove in the foot. This will produce evenly spaced pintucks.

TIP: If you would like to emphasize the pintuck effect, you can attach a Pintuck Blade (special accessory part no. 820223-096 or no. 820678-096 for group J) on the front edge of the needle plate. The Pintuck Blade pre-shapes the fabric prior to sewing and produces a more-defined pintuck.

Five-groove Pintuck Foot
Seven-groove Pintuck Foot
Nine-groove Pintuck Foot