What makes it so perfect?

Original IDT™ System – Integrated Dual Feed from PFAFF®. The ultimate in piecing perfection.

- Perfect seams on all fabrics, from light to heavy weight.

- Integrated, no separate attachments needed.

- Available on most PFAFF® machines.

- A large assortment of presser feet for a variety of techniques.

- Slim design, doesn‘t interfere when sewing.


The IDT™ key benefits


Quilt blocks and piecing will match perfectly in every quilt project.


It is easy to achieve perfect topstitching - even on a quilt thanks to the even feed of the PFAFF® Original IDT™ System.


Stripes and plaids match exactly. 


Knit fabrics are not stretched out of shape.


Challenging fabric is no challenge at all for the IDT™ System! Sew with silk, velvet, wool, stretch, and more without having to make adjustments.


Topstitching on several layers of denim is simple when using the Original IDT™ System, together with heavier thread and a topstitch needle.


PFAFF® offers an amazing number of presser feet designed for the Original IDT™ System! With the large range of specialty techniques available you can truly raise the bar for your creativity.


The IDT™ System is integrated with the machine and can be engaged or disengaged as desired.