Echo Feet Set part #821258096
specialty type: Quilting

The Echo Feet Set contains three clear plastic presser feet and are prefect for echo quilting around a motif or when using rulers.  The feet provide a 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" distance from the needle to the edge of the foot, perfect for creating several echos around a design. 

  1. If another presser foot is on the mount, use the 2.5mm hex wrench to loosen the mounting screw far enough that you can slide the foot off of the mount.
  2. Slide the desired Echo Foot onto the mount. The opening on the side of the foot lines up with the mount’s screw hole. Push the Echo Foot up as far as it will go.
  3. Ensure the foot is centered over the hole in the needle plate and that the needle is centered in the foot. Then fully tighten the screw with the 2.5mm hex wrench.

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