Yarn Application Overlock Foot part #620082096
specialty type: Overlock

This foot is used for sewing yarns (cords, nylon gut) up to athickness of 1.0mm. This produces an undulating or stiffer hem(e.g. on wedding dresses and valance).
Preparing the machine
  1. Needle: Right needle
  2. Stitch type: Two thread lower looper thread wrapped rolled hem or threethread upper looper thread wrapped rolled hem
  3. Stitch length: 2 mm
  4. Differential feed lever: Normal position
  5. Upper knife: Working positron
  1. Place the fabric under the presser foot.
  2. Thread cord (or nylon gut) through slot (A) and under finger (B) of the presser foot.
  3. Test sew on a piece of fabric before starting to sew.

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