Grand Floating Applique Collection: , #388
Item: 820099096

We are proud to introduce the first 3 dimensional creative™ Grand Hoop collection! Grand Floating appliqué is a creative™ Grand Hoop collection with 10 motifs and as the name of the collection indicates, each motif includes a floating applique which is embroidered on top of the design, making it a 3 dimensional applique! But not only this, the designs are created so that you can now mix and match your favorite 40 wt rayon threads with 30 wt cotton thread for an even greater effect.

This collection is perfect for summer skirts and dresses and pillows and blankets to decorate your home for a true spring feeling!

Sewing instructions for the beautiful pillow is included!


Hoop Size (in mm)

  • 140x225mm

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