It’s still Summer - Boho Blouse

Posted by Aimee Kluiber
Enjoy the rest of summer wearing this cute Boho-style blouse. Unfitted and flowy, it will keep you cool and comfortable as you wind down summer. Make it your own with PFAFF® creative icon™ 2 Exclusive Stitches (or other decorative stitches). Get creative–make it a dress, add a ruffle. You can customize this design many different ways!
Supplies List:
  • PFAFF® sewing machine (I am using the creative icon™ 2)
  • 0A presser foot for IDT™
  • 2A presser foot
  • Bi-level Foot for IDT™
  • Couching/Braiding foot for IDT™ #820607096
  • Needle appropriate for your fabric (I used a microtex 80 for my lightweight linen) #821309096
  • 8” Bent Trimmer #821295996
  • 4” Micro Tip Embroidery Scissors #821286996
  • Matching sewing thread and bobbin
  • Decorative thread (also in bobbin for lace edge stitches)
  • ¼’ to ⅜” decorative ribbon (I used silk ribbon on my linen top)
  • SINGER® Steamcraft Iron #220429112.01
  • Ironing board
  • Pins
  • Aqua Magic stabilizer (for lace edge stitches) #620114396
  • Tearaway stabilizer (for Radiant and Ribbon Stitches) #620112296
  • Fabric marking pen or pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fashion fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Approximately ¾ yard Interfacing appropriate for your fabric
  • Fabric to make a muslin (to test fit)
  • PDF pattern for yoke *Important* Print the PDF pattern at actual size. Each square on the grid should measure one inch. Cut on the outside of the black line for your size.

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