Bias Binder Blanket

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Make a warm, soft and cozy blanket for the coldest time of year. The blanket is made of a single layer of wool. The binding is made of jersey fabric in a colorful floral pattern. Use the brand new INSPIRA® Coverstitch Binder (item no 620143096) and the binding is completed in no time with professional results. The finished size is approximately 39½”x59” (100x150cm).

What you need:

  • PFAFF® coverlock™ machine
  • Wool fabric 39½"x 59" or your desired measurements
  • Jersey fabric for binding
  • INSPIRA® Cover stitch binder (item no 620143096)
  • Rayon embroidery thread (or overlock thread depending on what style you want for your blanket.

Cut your fabric to the size for your desired finished blanket. Round the corners to make it easier to bind the blanket but also to give a softer appearance.

To bind the quilt, cut strips of jersey fabric. Measure the length (sides) of your project and add at least 4" (10cm). Cut enough 1⅛" (28mm) strips to equal that number, cutting in the direction with the greatest amount of stretch.

To prevent the strips from tangling, roll them on to an old thread spool.

Sew the Binding
Attach your Cover Stitch Binder to your machine.

Follow the link for instructions on how to bias bind using the INSPIRA® Coverstitch Binder.


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