6D™ Software Newsletter - February 2015

Posted by PFAFF®

This month we will look at the SuperDesigns, Embossing in Stitch Editor Plus, creating a .4qb to use as a stamp in Design Creator, and the Combine tool in 5D Quilt Design Creator.

Inspired Icons - SuperDesigns are found in the 6D™ Embroidery and 6D™ Embroidery Extra modules, and 50 new designs have been added in a recent update. SuperDesigns are special because they can be resized with constant stitch density. You can alter the size, proportions, adjust the stitch properties, and thread color. Read More.

Module Mystique - Creating a .4qb to use as a stamp is so simple with the Draw tab tools found in the 6D™ and 5D™ Design Creator module. You can use the built-in Shapes, MiniPics, bring in a background as a guide to draw the outline, or draw freehand. Read More.

Technique Tune-Up - With Embossing in Stitch Editor Plus, you can turn the Seahorse 2 pictured on the left (found in the 6DEmb\Stitch2\Animals subfolder) into the texturized Sea Horse on the right. Stamp number 13 in the Tiles category creates the texture. Read More.

QuiltDesign Creator - You can create a hole in a fill or a shape or create a trapunto effect using the drawing and fill tools with the Combine Paths features of QuiltDesign Creator. Read More.


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